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FAQs related to our checking and savings accounts.

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Our routing number is 323075699.

Simply put the Unitus ACH routing number and your ACH formatted account number on the authorization form provided to you by your employer or check issuer.

Get more information about direct deposit

Our policy is to make funds from your check deposits available to you on the business day that we receive your deposit. Check holds are placed on a case-by-case basis. If a hold is necessary, funds will generally be available no later than the seventh business day after the day of your deposit. The first $200 of your deposit, however, may be available on the first business day.

Funds from any deposit (cash or checks) made at automated teller machines (ATMs) we do not own or operate may not be available until the fifth business day after the day of your deposit.

uTransfer is an online tool members can use to transfer money from one institution to another. It is a member-initiated transfer, unlike Online Bill Pay. The member has to set up a withdrawal from another financial institution to deposit into their Unitus account or schedule a withdrawal from their Unitus account to go to another financial institution.

uTransfer is a free service provided to each and every member of Unitus Community Credit Union.

Unitus offers free overdraft protection transfers from your savings and money market accounts. We also offer overdraft transfers from your Unitus Visa or KWIK line of credit account, for a small fee, (interest begins to accrue immediately; refer to your loan agreement and disclosure for information regarding loan advances, including repayment terms).

Additionally, we offer an overdraft program on all of our checking accounts (except Right-Choice Checking) called Check Protect. Check Protect is an opt-in courtesy overdraft program that pays checks and debits (except ATM withdrawals) that would overdraw a checking account, up to the account’s Check Protect limit. This is a fee-based service. For additional details please also see our Check Protect Program disclosure.

If a member has an Interest Checking account, there is a required minimum balance of $500 to avoid a monthly service fee (unless you’re 50 or older). If the checking balance is below $500 at the end of any business day during the month, a $7.50 service charge will be assessed at the end of the month.

If you are 50 or older, you can sign up for our Optima Club and enjoy the benefits of Optima Checking. Optima Checking is an interest-bearing checking account with no minimum balance.

There is no monthly service fee for Unitus Checking.

DOWNLOAD: Terms & Conditions (PDF)

  1. Unitus Community Credit Union (UNITUSCCU) provides My Design Card service subject to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are in addition to those found in the Cardholder Agreement governing all use of your Card. The photo, logo, artwork or other Images submitted by you, and all information thereon, are hereafter collectively referred to as the “Image”.
  2. You certify that you have read and understood the “Photo Guidelines” and that the Image you submitted to UNITUSCCU complies with the Photo Guidelines.
  3. Fee(s): You agree to pay our standard fees for each card issued with a new image and each card reissued with an existing image. These fees are provided in our Fee Schedule (see Other Service Fees) and will automatically be added to your visa credit card, or deducted from your checking account, depending on which type of card was designed.
  4. You authorize UNITUSCCU to charge all applicable fees to the card account associated with your My Design Card when your Image is approved.
  5. In addition to your compliance with the Photo Guidelines, you represent and warrant to UNITUSCCU:
    a. The Image you are submitting was created by you and you are the owner of the Image, and/or you have obtained express written consent from the owner of the Image for you to use it on your My Design Card and for UNITUSCCU to alter, copy, print, distribute, prepare and use the Image on your My Design Card;
    b. You have obtained the express written consent of any person other than yourself who appears in the Image you are submitting; and
    c. Use of the Image will not infringe any businesses or individual person’s rights, including intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights. 
If UNITUSCCU requests, before or after accepting your Image, you shall provide UNITUSCCU with reasonable proof of such ownership, written consent and/or noninfringement.
  6. You grant to UNITUSCCU a perpetual, non-transferable, non-exclusive, royaltyfree, world-wide, irrevocable license to use the Image and the other data you provide to UNITUSCCU for the purpose of providing your My Design Card.
  7. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold UNITUSCCU harmless, its affiliates, its card membership organizations and its and their respective shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents, members, contractors and representatives from any and all claims, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses of any nature whatsoever (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees) that may arise from the issuance or use of the My Design Card with your submitted Image on it, including (without limitation) any and all claims alleging trademark or copyright infringement, and/or the violation of a right of privacy or publicity or any other right.
  8. UNITUSCCU’s liability hereunder is limited to refunding any fee associated with the issuance of a My Design Card, and UNITUSCCU is not liable to you for any loss, damage, claim or expense whatsoever in relation to any action or omission by UNITUSCCU in connection with the My Design Card service or product. UNITUSCCU is not responsible for poor-quality Images or Images poorly positioned on the My Design Card template. Images and copies thereof shall not be returned to you for any reason.
  9. Your My Design Card remains the property of UNITUSCCU and you agree to immediately return or destroy the card if asked by UNITUSCCU for any reason, or if the account to which your My Design Card is linked is closed.
  10. Rejected Images, superseded Images, and Images from canceled My Design Cards, accepted Images, and copies thereof, may be stored for any period of time, and may be purged at any time, that UNITUSCCU may choose in its sole discretion.
  11. If a submitted Image is rejected, UNITUSCCU will notify you by e-mail, without any obligation to justify its decision.
  12. If a submitted Image is rejected, you can submit a new Image and request a new custom card design.
  13. UNITUSCCU reserves the right not to accept or use any Image you submit, or to refuse to issue a My Design Card, for any or no reason whatsoever in UNITUSCCU’s sole discretion. See also the separate Photo Guidelines. In addition to the above terms and conditions that apply to all My Design Cards, the following terms and conditions govern My Design Card Business cards.
  14. Business agrees that only individual(s) they authorize can submit an Image and request issuance of My Design Card business card(s). Business shall protect the security of its logon and other access information, and is responsible for any unauthorized access directly or indirectly gained using such logon or other access information.
  15. Business Card Issuance Fees: You agree to pay our standard fees for each card issued with a new image and each card reissued with an existing image. These fees are provided in our Fee Schedule and will automatically be added to your visa credit card, or deducted from your checking account, depending on which type of card was designed.
  16. Upon receipt of your new My Design Card, the business will need to destroy any previously-issued business cards

Yes, you can bring all of your coins into any Unitus branch. We have machines that count your coins and then give you a receipt telling you exactly how much all of your coins are worth. Just take that receipt to a friendly Member Service Representative and they’ll deposit your money right into your uSavers account! Pretty cool don’t you think?

To add or remove a joint owner on your account, you will need to complete a Membership Application with the updated information. Please call or email us to receive a membership application.

When adding a joint owner to your account, you will also need to have them sign the application and provide proof of ID. Be sure to make a copy of the front and back of your ID!

Then simply mail or fax the application back to us at Unitus Community Credit Union, PO Box 1937, Portland, Oregon 97207-1937 or fax us at (503) 423-8345.

When transferring to another Unitus account and funds are not available to complete the transfer, no transaction will take place and you’ll receive a notification indicating that you do not have sufficient funds in the source account.

When transferring to another financial institution and funds are not available at the time the external transfer is initiated, no transaction will take place and in the history tab you’ll see an ‘NSF’ (Non-Sufficient Funds) notification rather than the ‘Paid’ notification.

If transferring funds from another financial institution and funds are not available to complete the transfer at the time Unitus attempts to access the funds, the other institution may charge you a fee. Please check with the other financial institution for details.

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