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uTransfer is an online tool members can use to transfer money from one institution to another. It is a member-initiated transfer, unlike Online Bill Pay. The member has to set up a withdrawal from another financial institution to deposit into their Unitus account or schedule a withdrawal from their Unitus account to go to another financial institution.

uTransfer is a free service provided to each and every member of Unitus Community Credit Union.

Yes, you can bring all of your coins into any Unitus branch. We have machines that count your coins and then give you a receipt telling you exactly how much all of your coins are worth. Just take that receipt to a friendly Member Service Representative and they’ll deposit your money right into your uSavers account! Pretty cool don’t you think?

When transferring to another Unitus account and funds are not available to complete the transfer, no transaction will take place and you’ll receive a notification indicating that you do not have sufficient funds in the source account.

When transferring to another financial institution and funds are not available at the time the external transfer is initiated, no transaction will take place and in the history tab you’ll see an ‘NSF’ (Non-Sufficient Funds) notification rather than the ‘Paid’ notification.

If transferring funds from another financial institution and funds are not available to complete the transfer at the time Unitus attempts to access the funds, the other institution may charge you a fee. Please check with the other financial institution for details.

Contact Unitus for forms (please designate the type of IRA, such as a ROTH, Traditional, Coverdell Education Savings or SEP IRA) to be faxed or mailed. You can fax or mail the completed forms back to Unitus. You can also set up direct deposit so that a portion of your deposit goes directly into your IRA. Payroll must be set up on your regular account number and Unitus must have your completed contribution forms prior to setting this up. If you want to change the amount being deposited to your IRA, new forms must be completed. Please note that IRA contributions cannot be retroactive.

A Credit Union is a place where people with common interests, like where they live or work, come together to save and borrow their money.Credit Unions provide many of the same services that banks do, but there are a few things that make us different:

  • We are “not for profit”. This simply means we’re not in business just to make money
  • Money that we do make is returned to you in the form of better rates and services
  • We’re owned by you—the member
  • As much as possible, the money we make is spent and put back into the local community where you live

To add or remove a joint owner on your account, you will need to complete a Membership Application with the updated information. Please call or email us to receive a membership application.

When adding a joint owner to your account, you will also need to have them sign the application and provide proof of ID. Be sure to make a copy of the front and back of your ID!

Then simply mail or fax the application back to us at Unitus Community Credit Union, PO Box 1937, Portland, Oregon 97207-1937 or fax us at (503) 423-8345.

Deposited funds at Unitus are insured with the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a US Government Agency. Regular accounts are insured for up to $250,000; IRA accounts are insured separately for up to $250,000. Please contact Member Services for information regarding multiple account holders.

If you suspect fraud on your account, immediately contact Unitus. If the suspected fraud involves your VISA check or credit card, you may block the card at any time by calling (800) 452-0900 or (503) 227-5571 and following the prompts for reporting a lost or stolen card. For follow-up purposes, you can call Unitus during regular business hours to complete the report.

Contact Unitus for forms to be faxed or mailed to you. Once completed, you can fax or mail back the form to us. If you live in Oregon, a State Tax Withholding form will be sent in addition to the forms. If you do not live in Oregon, we will not withhold state tax from your withdrawal. The standard Federal Tax amount that is withheld is 10% of the withdrawal (or more if desired).

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