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About Serving on our Board

Serving on our Board of Directors is a fulfilling experience. The Board guides the credit union through strategic planning and ensures that the credit union meets members’ needs in a manner that is safe, sound, and complies with the State Credit Union Act, the credit union’s bylaws, and federal regulations.

As a whole, Board members have responsibility for the general direction and control of the affairs of Unitus, which include establishing strategic policies that guide management and staff in their responsibilities, in addition to performing various other duties and activities throughout the year.

As a part of our philosophy of “People Helping People”, Unitus Community Credit Union is committed to building, strengthening and enhancing the lives of those who live and work in the communities we serve. Members are considered to be equal owners of the credit union, and as such elect other members to serve on the Board of Directors. It is the Directors’ responsibility to set credit union policies, objectives and long term goals which are considered vital in the health and well-being of the credit union. Once elected, Directors have the opportunity to share their business experience, leadership skills and management—all in a team effort alongside the Board Chair and the President/CEO.

Apply now for a 2020 Board position.


We are now accepting applications to serve on the Board of Directors in 2020. We are excited to announce that there are three Board positions currently open for nomination. Our current Nominating Committee members are Frank Chinn, Committee Chair; Tiffini Mueller, Director; and Will Rader, Director Emeritus.

Join our proud history of members helping to move our credit union forward.


Please complete and send your Board Candidate Packet no later than December 3, 2019.


Thank you for making a difference.

Who Is Eligible and What Skills Are Required?

When running for a vacant Board position, it’s required that you be:

  • Of legal age
  • A primary member* of Unitus
  • In good standing with the credit union

Additionally, a Board Candidate Packet must be completed.

The Unitus Board has a strategic focus, so the ideal candidates:

  • Are able to think strategically
  • Have previous experience in board governance
  • Understand financial statements
  • Have general management experience
  • Are good communicators
  • Work well with others

How Long Would I Serve, and What is My Commitment?

Directors are elected to a three-year term and may apply to the Nominating Committee to be re-nominated if they desire. Board members are subject to Term Limits of four consecutive three-year terms.

We estimate a general time commitment of roughly four hours per month. The Unitus Board of Directors generally holds ten monthly Board meetings, an annual spring and fall planning session, and an annual membership meeting. Most monthly Director meetings are held in the late afternoon; and there are two full day sessions each year allotted for planning events.

What are the Benefits of Being a Board Member?

As a Director, you’ll be able to contribute to the overall success of Unitus by using your leadership and business management skills to create an overall strategic direction.

Through training and various other interactions, you’ll gain valuable insight and experience about best practices in board governance and operation of a financial institution, strategic planning and the overall credit union industry.

Because education is so important to our Directors, ongoing education is provided through periodic learning sessions to further your knowledge on the credit union philosophy, guidelines, regulations, and much more.

If interested in applying for 2020, please complete our Board Candidate Packet Request Form.


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