uSavers Kids Club

We Put the “Fun” into Saving Fundamentals! Visit a branch to join.

Kids, join Unitus and start getting smart about money! We welcome all kids 11 years old and younger.

Easy to Join!

All you need is $5 and a parent or guardian to help you setup your kid’s savings account at one of our branches. Please note there is a $10 membership fee unless your parent is already a member of Unitus.*

A Fun Way to Learn to Save

Open your very own uSavers account and start saving money—fun and easy!

Unitus Piggy Bank

Get a free piggy bank as a gift when you open a children’s savings account!

“Making Cents” Newsletter

This comes out four times a year, and is filled with stories, games and activities.

Educational IRA

This is a great way to save for college tuition, fees, books and equipment.

Learn more about our Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

How to Join uSavers

All you need is $5.00 and a parent or guardian to help you setup a kid’s savings account*.

Parents, if you’re new to Unitus, we require one-time membership dues of $10.00. This makes you a member—and an owner—of one of Oregon’s oldest credit unions.

Please also bring your child’s birth certificate to set up a savings account for them, if they don’t have a state ID card or passport.

Visit any Branch to Join!
Questions? Visit our support center

Savings accounts for children: A father crouches down to look his son in the eye.