Equity Line Plus

Our members have been asking for a flexible home equity line of credit, and here it is. Equity Line Plus allows you to get cash on your terms by tapping into your home’s equity. Often used for household and family expenses like college tuition, home improvements, repairs/renovations, or even debt consolidation, Equity Line Plus gives you access to cash without paying interest until you actually withdraw it.


Unitus makes Home Equity easy:

  • Line amounts from $10,000 to $250,000 for more options
  • Apply online in minutes
  • Competitive origination fees help save you money
  • Our loan experts really care about what's best for you!
How it works

Let’s say you have an available home equity balance of $75,000 on your line. You can create one segment to pay off a $15,000 student loan. Then if you decide to remodel your kitchen, you can fix another $25,000 segment. You can create up to five segments for you and your family up to the available $75,000 balance. Equity Line Plus adapts to your changing needs by freeing up credit as you pay off segments. For every dollar you put toward the student loan at fixed interest, you increase your fund for the kitchen remodel. You have the flexibility to re-draw money as you need it. Your credit line will adapt to match your needs.

Equity Line Plus is paid off more quickly than your primary mortgage. Plus, if you have a large amount of high-interest, unsecured debt, transferring it to a home equity loan can help you pay it off sooner, and potentially provide tax advantages. (NOTE: Please consult with your tax advisor.)

Details: Equity Line Plus
Variable APR*: 3.99% - 10.24% based on credit qualifications
Terms Available: 10-year draw period with 5 fixed segments at any one time¹; Fixed Terms range from 7 to 15 years
Origination Fee: $0
Annual Fee: $50. Waived the first year
Closing Costs: Unitus will pay up to $395 for closing costs. Borrower will pay for the cost of appraisal, if required, and any additional closing costs above the $395
Maximum Loan Amount: $250,000
Appraisal: Larger or complex loans may require an appraisal
Rate Details: See Details

*APR = ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE. Property insurance is required for this loan. Maximum rate is 18%. ¹A segment is a portion of the line balance that can be fixed at a guaranteed fixed rate. During the draw period, as the segment balances are paid down, that principal reduction becomes available on the line providing maximum flexibility to re-draw money as needed during the draw period.

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