Additional Personal Banking Services

VISA Debit Cards and ATM Cards
With a Unitus VISA debit card or ATM card, you can withdraw cash, make deposits, transfer funds and find out how much money is in your account.

Better yet, you can use your VISA debit card to purchase goods and services anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted!* All you need is a Unitus checking account.

Unitus Visa Pre-Paid Card
Great for travel or college students, the Unitus Visa Pre-Paid card can be used anywhere Visa debit is accepted. It only costs $5.00 to purchase and online reloads are free. Reloads at the branch are $1.25. The card can be replaced if lost or stolen. Ask about Unitus Visa Pre-Paid cards the next time you stop by your local branch.

Unitus Visa Gift Card
Get your family and friends exactly what they want with a Unitus Visa Gift card. They can take it shopping anywhere Visa debit is accepted. And if it gets lost or stolen, it can be replaced. The Gift card only costs $5.00 to purchase. Ask about Unitus Visa Gift cards the next time you stop by your local branch.

uOnline, our online banking platform, is your key to unlocking and enjoying the advantages of being connected. Don't wait, become a uOnline master today. 

Online Bill Pay
When was the last time you could eliminate an entire process with a couple of clicks? With our freeOnline Bill Pay, you can. And it won't add to your existing bills, because it's completely free of charge.

Every one of our checking accounts is accompanied by free Online Bill Pay. By choosing Online Bill Pay, you can pay one bill or three bills or any number of bills each month.

To register for Online Bill Pay, log into uOnline, and you'll see an option for 'Bill Pay'.

Not only do we make it easy to open up a checking account at Unitus, we keep it simple. You'll find the forms you need to open up a new Unitus checking account, close your old account, start direct deposit, and redirect automatic payments and transfers. You can also call us at 1-800-452-0900 for assistance. We are ready and willing to help!

Direct Deposit
Whether it's your paycheck, government or pension check, this free service automatically makes your deposit for you. You don't have to find time to make a deposit or wait until we receive your mailed deposit. With direct deposit, your funds are instantly available on the day they are received, earning interest and ready to access by check, ATM, or Visa debit card.

Simply put Unitus' ACH routing number and your ACH formatted account number on the authorization form provided to you by your employer or check issuer. Call our contact center at (503) 227-5571 or 1-800-452-0900 to obtain the correctly formatted account number for direct deposit.

Our ACH routing number is 323075699.

Do you want to receive your statements in a more secure fashion? Thinking about going paperless to reduce your carbon footprint? Whatever your motivation, eStatements is a convenient option and you have immediate electronic access to 18 months of statements.

Qualifies for access to Your FICO® Score. Click for details!

To sign up for eStatements, log onto uOnline and select eStatements from the navigation menu.

Telephone Express Teller
Perform your banking over the phone, 24/7! Simply dial 1-800-422-3132 and follow the easy to use menu.

The Menu Mode allows you to make a selection from the choices you hear at each step. In the Expert Mode, you enter a 1 or 2-digit service code for what you want. You can easily switch between these modes at any time. A list of the codes for the Expert Mode is available, which will help you successfully navigate Telephone Express Teller.

Overdraft Protection Services
Unitus offers free overdraft protection transfers from your savings and money market accounts. We also offer overdraft transfers from your Unitus Visa, KWIK line of credit and Home Equity Line of Credit accounts, for a small fee, (interest begins to accrue immediately; refer to your loan agreement and disclosure for information regarding loan advances, including repayment terms).

Additionally, we offer an overdraft program on our Unitus Checking account called Check Protect. Check Protect is an opt-in courtesy overdraft program that pays checks and debits (except ATM withdrawals) that would overdraw a checking account, up to the account's Check Protect limit. This is a fee-based service. For additional details please also see our Membership & Account Agreement.

ACH Services
Unitus offers a wide variety of ACH services, including direct deposit, preauthorized payments and automatic transfers to and from other financial institutions.

Wire Transfers
Need to make a wire transfer? No problem! We can do domestic and foreign wires, for a very low fee. In many cases, your request may be processed the same day.

Notary Public Service
All of our branches are available to provide notary services - free of charge.

Night Depository Service
Night depository is the perfect solution for the business owner making after-hours deposits. Visit any of our branch locations for more information.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Many of our branches have a selection of safe deposit boxes available. Unitus uses a state-of-the-art access system that allows for convenient and safe access to your safe deposit box at our Beaverton, Clackamas, Salem and Unitus Plaza branches.

Foreign Exchange Services
Members can purchase foreign currency for most countries through Unitus. We also accept foreign checks for collection. We do not accept or exchange foreign currency.

Automatic Transfers
We can set up automatic transfers between your Unitus Shares and accounts, including payments to loans and Visa cards.

Additional Products and Services
Yes, there's more: we also offer Official Checks and drive-up windows. After all, we're a full service financial institution!

*When using a VISA debit card, funds are debited directly from your checking account.

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