What’s the difference between ‘Payee Name’, ‘Payee Nickname’, and ‘Name on Account’?

To ensure your payment is sent correctly, please provide Unitus with the most up-to-date information according to your most recent bill statement. When entering the payee’s information, keep in mind that each entry box is important.

  • Payee Name: Refers to the payee’s business name. For example, AT&T, PGE, Waste Management, etc.
  • Payee Nickname: Refers to what you choose to label this payee. This is especially helpful if there is more than one account held with a particular payee. You might label this payment “John’s Cell Phone” and another AT&T payment as “Marcia’s Cell Phone”, as the payments are going to the same payee, but the account numbers are different.
  • Name on Account: Allows the merchant to post your payment correctly. If you’re sending a payment to AT&T for John’s cell phone payment, the Name on Account would be John’s full name for easy reference, such as “John Doe”.

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