How do I set up Touch ID or Quick Login in the Unitus Mobile App?

The process for setting up fingerprint recognition may be different for individual devices but can often be found in the Settings menu under the Security or Lock Screen sections. If the device is capable of fingerprint recognition, there should be a fingerprint section available where users can save their fingerprints.

iOS Support:

Quick Login is supported on devices with iOS 7, 8, 9 and 10. Touch ID is supported on iOS devices that support Touch ID (iPhone 5s and newer, iPad 5th generation, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad mini 3 and later).

Android Support:

Quick Login is supported on devices with Android v4.3 and above.

About Quick Login/Touch ID:

Quick Login allows users to login via a mobile device using a 4-digit PIN or a fingerprint (IOS only) instead of entering the users existing online banking password. Quick Login is only available via the native Alkami Android and IOS applications on devices that support Touch ID. Users that have activated PIN authentication are presented with a PIN screen in place of the password screen and always bypass step up authentication (security questions, etc.).

Users with fingerprint recognition (Touch ID) enabled on their device will be asked for a fingerprint instead of a PIN when they login. They may choose to bypass Touch ID authentication and still use their PIN by simply clicking the screen instead.

PIN authentication will be locked after 5 unsuccessful authentication attempts. This will delete the PIN from the device and the user can re-enroll by entering their regular online banking password and opting in again.

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