Can I stop a payment I have scheduled?

You can cancel any payment prior to the funds being withdrawn from your account by clicking on ‘Pending’ in the ‘Bill Pay’ sub-menu. On the ‘Pending Payments’ screen, click the blue gear next to the payment you wish to stop and choose ‘Cancel Payment’. Once the funds have been withdrawn from your account, payments that are processed electronically cannot be stopped. Payments that are processed by check may be stopped as long as the check has not cleared, although Unitus cannot guarantee that a stop payment will be successful.

To check the status of a check payment, click on the ‘History’ link in the ‘Bill Pay’ sub-menu, and then select the ‘Payment History’ tab. The ‘Date Cleared’ column will display the date the payment cleared. To place a stop payment on a Bill Pay check that has withdrawn from your account but not cleared, please call us at 503-227-5571, or toll-free 800-452-0900, option 1, to speak with a Member Service Representative to have the stop payment processed immediately. There is a $26.00 stop payment request fee.

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