How can I add or remove a joint from my account?

To add or remove a joint owner on your account, you will need to complete a Membership Application with the updated information. When adding a joint owner to your account, you will also need to have them sign the application and provide proof of ID. The quickest way to add or remove a joint owner is to submit your request within digital banking (desktop or mobile).

  • Desktop: Log in to digital banking banking, click “Tools” at the top of page, and then select the “More Services” to get started.
  • Mobile: Launch the Unitus mobile app, click “More” at the bottom of the screen, and then select “More Services” to get started.

Additionally, you can get started by visiting our Virtual Branch. To “drop in” during business hours, log in to digital banking and click the “Let’s talk” button near the bottom of your screen; or schedule an appointment with a branch here.

If you need any other assistance, click that same “Let’s talk” bubble to chat with us online or call our member support team at 503-227-5571 and we’ll be here to help.

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