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To ensure your payment is sent correctly, please provide Unitus with the most up-to-date information according to your most recent bill statement. When entering the payee’s information, keep in mind that each entry box is important.

  • Payee Name: Refers to the payee’s business name. For example, AT&T, PGE, Waste Management, etc.
  • Payee Nickname: Refers to what you choose to label this payee. This is especially helpful if there is more than one account held with a particular payee. You might label this payment “John’s Cell Phone” and another AT&T payment as “Marcia’s Cell Phone”, as the payments are going to the same payee, but the account numbers are different.
  • Name on Account: Allows the merchant to post your payment correctly. If you’re sending a payment to AT&T for John’s cell phone payment, the Name on Account would be John’s full name for easy reference, such as “John Doe”.

First, log into uOnline.Once you’ve logged in, hover over ‘Transfers & Bill Pay’ and select ‘Bill Pay’ from the drop-down.

You can make Bill Pay payments using a Unitus checking account. You will also need internet access and a browser that meets our minimum requirements, however we recommend you upgrade to the newest version available. Acceptable browsers include: Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Firefox 3.0, or Safari 4.0 or higher.

Once you have set up payees, click on the ‘Make Payments’ link from the Bill Pay sub-menu. To make a one-time payment, click on the ‘Payments’ tab. To make a recurring payment, select the ‘Recurring Payment’ tab. Bills can be paid from your Unitus checking account. You can schedule funds to be withdrawn the same day or up to a year in advance.

Bill Pay allows you to pay bills or make other payments from your Unitus checking account using the internet. Payments can be scheduled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere you have internet access.

You can cancel any payment prior to the funds being withdrawn from your account by clicking on ‘Pending’ in the ‘Bill Pay’ sub-menu. On the ‘Pending Payments’ screen, click the blue gear next to the payment you wish to stop and choose ‘Cancel Payment’. Once the funds have been withdrawn from your account, payments that are processed electronically cannot be stopped. Payments that are processed by check may be stopped as long as the check has not cleared, although Unitus cannot guarantee that a stop payment will be successful.

To check the status of a check payment, click on the ‘History’ link in the ‘Bill Pay’ sub-menu, and then select the ‘Payment History’ tab. The ‘Date Cleared’ column will display the date the payment cleared. To place a stop payment on a Bill Pay check that has withdrawn from your account but not cleared, please call us at (503) 227-5571, or toll-free (800) 452-0900, option 1, to speak with a Member Service Representative to have the stop payment processed immediately. There is a $26.00 stop payment request fee.

You must add at least one payee before you can schedule payments. To add a payee, hover over ‘Transfer & Bill Pay’ on the uOnline menu bar, hover over ‘Bill Pay’ and then select ‘Manage Payees’. When setting up your new payee, use information from your most recent bill to avoid processing delays. Delays are often caused by an old or incorrect account number or an incorrect mailing address. Once you’ve added the payees you need, click on the ‘Make Payment’ under the ‘Bill Pay’ sub-menu to schedule payments.

Your account is debited at approximately 8:30 p.m. on the scheduled withdrawal date, Sunday through Friday. Payments are processed and sent to the payee the following morning, meaning that payments are sent Monday through Saturday. Payments are not sent on Sundays or the day before a federal holiday.

Yes, once a check payment has cleared, an image of the check will be available within your Bill Pay history. You can view and print a copy of the cleared check by selecting the ‘History’ link in the Bill Pay sub-menu, locating the transaction, and clicking on the check number.

No. Currently, all uOnline functions, including Bill Pay, can only be accessed via Unitus’ web site; however, within the next 6-12 months, Total Finance, the Personal Finance Management (PFM) offered by Unitus, will be fully integrated with Bill Pay.

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