Descriptive Video Transcript: Unitus Rewards

Audio: [Upbeat music plays]

Visual: [Entire video is Illustrated] Small business storefronts panning to the right. People walking and enjoying their day. Ends on hip looking woman on her mobile phone.

Audio: They say you have to spend money to make money – and we thought it’s time to prove them right.

Visual: Unitus Rewards logo slides in.

Audio: Introducing Unitus Rewards.

Visual: Debit card being swiped through a merchant’s payment terminal.

Audio: You make a debit purchase, we pay you.

Visual: Money symbol appears and starts climbing an earnings chart.

Audio: You can also round up your change for an even bigger reward.

Visual: Zooming out of chat reveals a laptop screen showing earnings growing.

Audio: We’ll set those savings aside and pay you interest on your money –

Visual: Close up of man sitting through an oval-shaped window.

Audio: then you decide what’s next.

Visual: Zoom out reveals man is on a plane traveling across the sky.

Audio: Save it or spend it – you’re in control with Unitus Rewards –

Visual: Plane flies away while zooming back into the cityscape and coins pilling up in the foreground and same hip looking sitting on top of the coin pile smiling and happy.

Audio: we just want to help you save faster.

Visual: Unitus Rewards logo.

Audio: Enroll today and start getting rewarded. [Upbeat music fades out]

Visual: [Fade to black.]

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