Descriptive Video Transcript: Unitus Community Credit Union - Family

Audio: [Endearing music plays] [Latino female voice] Family...

Visual: Soft sunlight peeking through the trees as a Latino mother, father, and young daughter walk down their Portland neighborhood sidewalk holding hands.

Audio: It's more than being bonded by blood. More than having shared history, colors, and flavors.

Visual: Father and daughter sitting together in their living room comparing the lines on the palm of their hands. Transitions to mother in kitchen making dinner for the family while all three family members are smiling and laughing together.

Audio: At Unitus Community Credit Union, we believe that family is also a united community.

Visual: Male Latino member walking up to Unitus' Gresham branch. Unitus Community Credit Union building signage in the background. Transitions to Latina Assistant Manager assisting the member. She is showing photos of her family to him on her mobile phone. Member is smiling and laughing.

Audio: Since 1937, it has been our tradition to invest here in the local community for these reasons and more.

Visual: [Historic black and white photo shown.] Group of female credit union employees entering a building dressed in clothing from the 1930's and 1940's. Next photo is the original Unitus building location (roughly 10 stories tall with a brick facade) in downtown Portland.

Audio: At Unitus, we are your financial financial family.

Visual: Assistant Manager and Branch Manager posing for a photo with their young sons while volunteering at the Gresham Senior Center. Transitions to Assistant Manager and member walking through the branch and reviewing paperwork together at her desk.

Audio: We believe there is more that unites us. No matter the shape, size, or color of your family, we believe in you.

Visual: Close up of two hands being held. Group of diverse people and faces smiling and looking happy.

Audio: [Latino female voice] You. Us. Unitus.

Visual: [Fade to white.] Unitus Community Credit Union logo. Text: You Us Unitus. Website URL:

Audio: [Endearing music fades out]

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