Descriptive Video Transcript: ITIN Home Loans

Audio: [Light inspirational music plays]

Visual: Esmeralda and Javier are sitting on a couch inside a Unitus branch.

Audio: My name is Esmeralda Martinez.

Audio: My name is Javier Flores.

Visual: Aldo is sitting on a chair inside a Unitus branch.

Audio: Hello, my name is Aldo Zapata and I’m a first time home buyer with Unitus.

Visual: [Text on screen] What makes Unitus’ ITIN program different?

Visual: Aldo is on screen with alternating camera angles.

Audio: When I was searching for a home, because they weren't able to help me at the other institution where I was, I came and I opened an account here with them. And I asked Unitus if they offered programs to help with ITIN.

Visual: [Text on screen] What’s the process like working with Phaysy?

Visual: Phaysy is sitting on a chair inside a Unitus branch.

Audio: The difference between our ITIN and their ITIN products is that ours only takes 10% down. Versus theirs. They may require 15% down.

Visual: [Text on screen] How did it feel when you found out you were approved?

Visual: Esmeralda and Javier sitting on a couch inside a Unitus branch.

Audio: Well, when we came to apply the process was really fast. Phaysy told us, in that moment, that we did qualify.

Visual: [Text on screen] What was it like once you got there?

Visual:  Aldo is sitting on a chair inside a Unitus branch.

Audio: I was at work when Phaysy called me to give me the good news. She told me that I was approved for the loan. And that we could start looking for the house that my daughter and I would like. Especially my daughter, she’s the one that helped us be where we are today.

Visual: Esmeralda and Javier sitting on the couch at the Unitus branch.

Audio: We also felt a little nervous. Like, really? It didn’t click. Was this possible? This could be done? All of a sudden there was this huge change, because we were preparing for something that we didn't know much about.

Visual: [Text on screen] Do you remember the moment you received the key to your house?

Visual: Alternating shots of close ups of Esmeralda, and of her and Javier on the couch.

Audio: Yes, I remember that it was a Friday when they gave us the key. Once we were there, that’s the moment we realized what was happening. Like saying: Wow, we did it. The kids were happy, each one in their own room. There’s parking outside, and on the sides. There’s a yard in the back, and in the front. 

Visual: [Text on screen] Would you recommend Phaysy?

Visual: Esmeralda and Javier on the couch.

Audio: I do recommend her, and I’ve recommended her to several of my acquaintances and friends.

Visual: Aldo sitting on the chair. He gives a thumbs up at the end.

Audio: Thanks to Unitus and Phaysy my dream came true. Talk to Unitus. They will help you.

Visual: You Us Unitus logo. [Fade to black] 

Audio: [Light inspirational music fades out]

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