Descriptive Video Transcript: HomeAdvantage® Program

Audio: [Upbeat music plays]

Visual: [Entire video is Illustrated] Image of house with question mark on it appears.

Audio: Thinking about buying or selling a home?

Visual: Unitus Mortgage logo slides in.

Audio: Our Home Advantage program can help you from start to finish!

Visual: HomeAdvantage logo appears.

Audio: This free online real estate service puts everything you need to search, buy, sell and save into one easy to use website.

Visual: Various images appear followed by a computer screen showing pins and tiny houses dropping on a map.

Audio: Search online to find the newest property listings and recently sold properties.

Visual: Letter envelope appears, opens and transforms into a house.

Audio: Save your searches to get email alerts when new properties match your favorite criteria.

Visual: Cell phone slides onto screen, small pins drop on a map showing housing listings.

Audio: Get market insights with reports on local real estate trends and home values.

Visual: Words "Learn Top Tips" and a for sale sign appear.

Audio: Learn top tips on how to buy and sell your next home.

Visual: Visual matrix network of realtor avatars takes shape as an interconnected sphere.

Audio: Find a real estate agent from our preferred network of certified local agents.

Visual: Hand holding cell phone with realtor avatar on phone screen, avatar changes to dollar sign.

Audio: And best of all, when you buy or sell using one of our agents, you can earn hundreds to thousands with Home Advantage Cash Rewards.

Visual: HomeAdvantage logo appears followed by stacks of 100 dollar bills dropping into a pile.

Audio: The average member earns $1,600.

Visual: Thought cloud appears with an image of a house in the final thought cloud.

Audio: So when you start thinking about your next real estate move, think of us as your real estate easy button, and let us help you search, buy, sell and save.

Visual: Button with house image appears followed by animation of button being pushed.

Visual: Unitus Mortgage logo appears and slides up. Text appears below logo: Search. Buy. Sell. Save.

Visual: URL:, Phone: 503-423-8713

Audio: [Upbeat music fades out]

Visual: [Fade to black.]

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