Unitus Secured Visa

Establish (Or Re-Establish) Your Credit with a Unitus Secured Visa!

Secured by funds in your Unitus savings account equal to 1.5 times the credit limit, our Secured Visa Card is the perfect tool to help build or rebuild your credit.

Unitus Secured Visa
  • Overdraft Protection For Unitus Checking Account
  • Easy Online Real-Time Payments
  • Local Service

Compare and save

Unlike most secured credit cards, our Secured Visa Card costs nothing to carry.

  • Competitive interest rates
  • 25-day grace period on purchases*
  • No annual fee, over limit fee, or "no activity" fee
  • No penalty rate for late payments
  • Best of all - no hidden fees, gimmicks or teaser rates

Other cardholder benefits and privileges included at no additional cost

Don't overpay when trying to establish or re-establish your credit. Unitus makes it easy and inexpensive to bounce back.

Qualifies for access to Your FICO® Score. Click for details!

Apply online, over the phone or by visiting one of our branches today!

*A FINANCE CHARGE will be imposed on the portion of purchases included in the new balance that remains unpaid 25 days after the closing date. This "grace period" allows you to avoid a FINANCE CHARGE on purchases for a billing

Secured Visa Rates
APR 10.24%-17.74%

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