Online Bill Pay

Now seamlessly located within uOnline, take care of all your financial needs in one place.

Enhancements include:

  • The ability to pay your bill and view your history more quickly and easily
  • Improved service and support
  • Pay bills via Unitus Mobile Banking
  • Total Finance integration (coming 2014)

The new enhancements come down to two things: Simplicity and Convenience. Enjoy the features of Online Bill Pay when you sign into uOnline today!

Manage Payees

You must add at least one payee before scheduling payments. Click on "Manage Payees". Be sure to use your most recent bill to enter payee information. Once you have entered the new payee, you can click on "Make Payments" to schedule payments. At this time you will need to determine whether a one-time payment or recurring payment is desired.

To edit a payee, click on "Manage Payees". Click on the payee's name that you want to edit.

Making a Payment

To make a one-time payment, click on "Payments". To make a recurring payment, click on "Recurring Payments". You can also view pending payments by clicking on "Pending".

Please note that your payment will be delivered based on whether it is sent electronically, up to two business days, or sent by check, up to five business days. Make sure you carefully plan your withdrawal date to ensure your payment arrives on time.

View History

Click on "Payment History" to display information for bills you have paid within the last 30 days, but you can select a longer or shorter period if you like. Click on "Detailed Search" if you would like more detail. You can search by payee name, amount, or date range.

Coming in 2014!

Pay bills via Total Finance, our robust personal financial management tool!

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