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The world of technology is moving quickly and to help us continue to improve our members experience we needed to upgrade to a new platform to continue providing enhancements in the future. The upgrade includes improvements to the app’s design, functionality, and security. It features a more intuitive, user-friendly interface to help you manage your finances through your mobile device.

Samsung Galaxy with Unitus Mobile 3.0 Homescreen for AndroidHow does it work?

Download the app for Android or iPhone. Login as you normally would through uOnline and conduct your banking wherever (though as always we recommend you exercise caution when using unsecured wi-fi at a coffee shop or orther public location.)

How is it going to help members?


You can now transfer funds to any Unitus member up to $1,000 per day. All you need is their last name, account number and share ID.

You can also add comments to any transfer so you and the recipient can keep a tight financial budget.

Bill Pay

Add payees and make payments through the app.

Total Finance

Now you can access your Total Finance dashboard through the mobile app, so you can adjust your accounts, access cash flow, tag transactions for budgeting, and manage your financial goals anywhere.


You can now check your mortgage balance through the app to help track your mortgage. We are currently working on a single sign on to make it faster and easier for you to keep track of your mortgage. This will be available in upcoming updates to the app.

Security Features

Apple iPhone with Unitus Mobile 3.0 Touch ID Login for iOS

Fingerprint Login

Currently available on iPhone, use your unique fingerprint for easy, secure login. Don't worry Android fans, fingerprint login is on our radar for a future update. 

Inactive logout

To keep your account information safe from harmful fraudsters or just innocent family members playing with your phone, you will be automatically logged off after a period of inactivity.

Active logout

Since the app is designed for quick and convenient transactions, as an extra measure of protection we will prompt you to logoff after a certain period of use. When prompted, you can choose to keep working if you need more time.

LMFA (Layered Multi-Factor Authentication)

As an added step in security authentication, you can choose whether to answer a security question or receive a security code via email or text message. Joint members can add multiple phones to receive the codes on any phone.

We hope you enjoy the newly upgraded mobile banking app as we bring more ease-of-use and security to our mobile banking experience.


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