uOnline Upgrade

Learn how Unitus is improving your online and mobile banking experience

We are excited to announce that later this year we will unveil our newly enhanced online and mobile banking platform. This new uOnline experience will provide much of the same functionality you have been accustomed to (bill pay, transfer funds, account alerts, mobile deposit, etc.) while introducing new features in a fresh, easy-to-use interface, and omni-channel experience.

We are thrilled to offer our members this upgraded digital experience in 2019.

What's New

UPDATE: Bill Pay and transfers to/from other institutions in uOnline will be unavailable June 21-26. Pre-scheduled transfers will be sent during this window.

To ensure a smooth transition of our Bill Pay and transfers to/from other institutions (ACH) within uOnline and our mobile app, beginning June 21 through June 26 changes to these services will be unavailable. Pre-schedule transfers will be sent during this window. We appreciate your patience as we work to bring you a better uOnline experience.

Impacts to Bill Pay

Any prescheduled bill payments during this window will be sent as requested. Please make any changes or cancellations by the end of the day Thursday, June 20, 2019.

Between June 21 and June 26, within uOnline you will be unable to:

  • Add a new payee
  • Modify existing payees
  • Create new one-time or recurring payments
  • Cancel or modify existing payments
  • View bill pay history

Note: As a good measure, we recommend you contact your payee directly for other payment options available.

Impacts to uOnline Transfers To/From Other Institutions (ACH)

Any prescheduled transfers to/from other institutions (ACH) during this time frame will be processed as requested. Please make any changes or cancellations by the end of the day Thursday, June 20, 2019.

Between June 21 and June 26, within uOnline you will be unable to:

  • Link a new external institution
  • Modify existing institutions
  • Create new or recurring transfers between other institutions
  • Cancel or modify scheduled transfers

Note: If you need to move money from Unitus to another institution, we have solutions available by phone or in-person. We encourage you to contact your other institution(s) should money need to be moved to Unitus.

We’re here to help

Should this transition present a hardship or if you have an urgent need regarding a transaction, please let us know. You can reach us at 503-227-5571 or visit us in-person at a branch near you.

Online banking greatness is coming!

Pay bills, make transfers, deposit checks all from the comfort of your home or business. Staying connected to your Unitus accounts is easier than ever anytime, anywhere! Plus, enhanced customization and personalized options will make your digital experience more familiar and convenient.

Create a personalized profile

You’ll soon be able to make your online banking experience as unique as…well, you. Upload a custom photo, add a nickname, choose a background theme, customize alerts, and more!


Customizing accounts

Customizing your individual accounts will be a breeze. Change the name of your accounts to your choosing and select from a variety of unique colors to help keep your accounts organized.


You're in control

Get account activity notifications via text or email. Customize your
preferences however you like on any device. Stay in control of your accounts no matter where you are.

  • Access for iOS and Android: Access to your funds is just a fingerprint away. Log in to mobile banking with your fingerprint on both Apple® and Android devices. Face ID is also supported on later generation Apple devices.
  • Multiple Account Users: Grant access to additional users to view and manage your account yet maintain full control by setting their permissions.
  • Customization: Customize your mobile and desktop experience by choosing and organizing your favorite widgets, color-coding your accounts, personalizing your profile and background images and more.
  • A seamless experience: More and more members rely on their mobile device to manage their money. With this upgrade your desktop and mobile experience will blend seamlessly. Get the same experience every time!
  • See the big picture: Whether on desktop or mobile, view all of your Unitus accounts and loans on one screen. You can even add accounts you have from other financial institutions. It’s super easy and convenient.
  • Passwords made easy: No more calling in to reset your password. You will now have the ability to reset, update or retrieve your login information fast. Get back to life in no time.

Online and mobile banking just keeps getting better!

This new upgrade is full of exciting new enhancements designed to improve your mobile and online banking experience.

Mobile and Online Parity – Most features and functionality offered online will also be available via mobile. This is a significant improvement.

Design – Enjoy a cleaner, more user-friendly, intuitive, and consistent interface, whether accessing via mobile or online.

Moving Money – Move money in just a few clicks between your accounts and other Unitus members. Easily set up transfers for accounts at other financial institutions. Quickly make loan payments from a Unitus account.

Enhanced Security – Fingerprint, Touch ID, or Face ID allow for a faster, more secure sign on. Plus, single-use passwords and the option to add a unique profile photo adds additional security and peace of mind to the online banking experience. Significantly more options for alerts (push, text, and email) compared to our current uOnline.

Set Budget and Savings Goals – Integrated budgeting and goal setting experience, that doesn’t require leaving uOnline.

Business Banking

The next bright idea for your business is here! We are thrilled to offer this new online banking experience for your small business. Business banking will offer all of the same great features and functionality that our Personal banking does.

Create your experience

New customized and personalized enhancements will allow you to have much more control over the look, feel, and overall digital experience you have with Unitus.


Set custom alerts

Setting custom alerts will be much easier and there are many more alerts to choose from. Get notified of account activity in a variety of ways. You’ll be able to view alerts from your dashboard.


Transfer funds

View, edit, and create new transfers all from the device of your choice; mobile, desktop or tablet. Send transfers internally to another member. It’s simple, quick, and convenient!

  • Customization for business accounts: Just like personal banking, customize your mobile and desktop experience, organize your favorite widgets, set profile and background images and much more.
  • Real-time account balance information: Know where your business stands at all times. Real-time account balances and history can help you manage your business better.
  • Transfer funds between Unitus accounts: Transferring money in and out of your business accounts just got a lot easier. Whether on desktop or mobile your funds are just a click or tap away.
  • Reminders: Get account activity notifications via push, text, or email. Customize yourpreferences however you like on any device. Stay in control of your accounts no matter where you are.

uOnline "How To" Guides

Check out the guides below and learn about the exciting new enhancements this upgrade brings to help improve your mobile and online banking experience.

Step-by-step, these guides will show you exactly how to do things in our upgraded platform – like make a transfer, deposit a check remotely, or create a savings goal. Just follow along with the guide.

FAQs - A better online banking experience

1. Will I need to download a new mobile app?

That depends on your device. After our upgrade becomes available:

  • Android users will need to delete our old app and download the new version of our uOnline banking app.
  • Apple users will need to update their current uOnline banking app.

2. Will I need to share my log in information with all owners on a membership?

No. In fact, we encourage each member to use and/or create their own set of unique credentials. Existing primary member’s will use their current uOnline username and password. Joint members will need to register as a new user and create their own unique set of credentials. Login credentials are now tied to your tax identification number. If you share your login information, you may provide access to accounts you do not wish to share and may not see all accounts you have with Unitus.

3. What happens to my Bill Pay information and scheduled payments?

If you’re a current Bill Pay user, all information including payees, scheduled payments, and payment history will remain the same. We’ve ensured your existing information upgrades with you.

If you’re a joint member whom is required to register as a new user, bill pay information will remain associated with the primary member’s credentials. You may register as a new bill pay user in order to add payees and schedule payments.

Please note: Bill Pay will be unavailable for current users June 21-26 as we prepare for the upgrade.

4. What happens to my transactions to/from other institutions (ACH) information and scheduled transfers?

Any external institutions you have linked to your account within uOnline will remain the same. Scheduled transfers will continue as expected.

Please note: Transfers to/from other institutions (ACH) will be unavailable for current users June 21-26 as we prepare for the upgrade.

5. What happens to my existing account alerts?

Any account alerts established in uOnline prior to the upgrade will not remain in effect. Please take a few minutes to setup account notifications based on activity you want to monitor. You may create text, email, and/or push notifications for things such as debit card transactions, deposits, and more.


View more uOnline Upgrade FAQs



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