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Total Finance makes it easy to:

  • Create and manage budgets
  • Set and achieve financial goals
  • Get helpful alerts
  • Track your spending and expenses
  • Manage your cash flow

Enjoy the following features:


  • Accounts are categorized: Cash, Credit Cards, Debts, and Investments
  • Search transactions directly from the Dashboard
  • Improved widgets allow you to see more aspects of your financial picture in one place
  • Add in accounts you have at other financial institutions, such as your 401k


  • Streamlined transaction editor
  • New “Rules” tagging system intelligently categorizes transactions
  • New split-tagging system allows you to allocate transactions towards multiple tags
  • Additional account information is shown on an as-available basis (available balance, payment due dates, minimum payment amounts, etc.)


  • See a concise view of budget progress
  • Add alerts while creating new spending targets
  • “Monthly progress” meters let you see if you’re outpacing your budget for the month with colorful indicators
  • See how much money is available for budgets after your bills and goals are taken into consideration


  • Agenda view allows you to see upcoming income and bill items in a linear format
  • Labels make it easy to see upcoming income/bill amounts


  • See how much money is available for goals after your bills and budgets are taken into consideration
  • Choose an image for your goal from the library of pre-loaded pictures

Net Worth

  • Provides a graphical overview of your asset and debt breakdown
  • Add custom asset and debt items (e.g. house, car, untracked loans)

Total Finance is free for the first 30 days. After the free trial period ends, $2.00 will be deducted from either your designated checking or savings account each month.

Login to uOnline and click the ‘Total Finance’ tab to get started.

You may access Total Finance on your mobile device or browser that is still supported by the manufacturer. For Internet Explorer, this is only version 11 (and Edge) on Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer but a supported version of Windows, you may update your browser by visiting the Microsoft website.

Most legacy Windows XP devices and Internet Explorer versions 8 or older will no longer be able to connect to Total Finance. These browsers are no longer receiving security updates from the manufacturer and are subject to other vulnerabilities. In order to protect the security of our members, we are disabling support.

Members using Safari will want to make sure you’re keeping up with updates suggested by your Mac operating system. Browsers that receive regular updates by the manufacturer such as Chrome and Firefox should not be affected.


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