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Our routing number is 323075699.

You can find the correctly formatted account number on the bottom of one of your Unitus checks. The first group of numbers on the left is the Unitus routing number. The next group of numbers is your account number.


For direct deposit, you’ll need a 14-digit number. To convert your Unitus checking account number into a correctly formatted 14-digit number, add “1” to the beginning, then add zeros between the “1” and your account number, as needed, to reach 14 digits. Here is an example:

Example account number: 199240616
This account number is 9 digits long, so we’ll add 1 plus four zeros to the front of the number to reach 14 digits: 10000199240616

If you have questions, visit a branch or call our contact center at 503.227.5571 or 1.800.452.0900 to obtain the correctly formatted account number for direct deposit.

Simply put the Unitus ACH routing number and your ACH formatted account number on the authorization form provided to you by your employer or check issuer.

Get more information about direct deposit
  1. Log in to the Unitus app on your mobile device
  2. Tap “SnapCheck” in the main menu
  3. Tap “Deposit” on the popup
  4. Tap “Deposit To:” and select the account into which funds should be deposited
  5. Enter the total value of your check
  6. Make sure your check is endorsed
  7. Tap Front “Capture Check Image”
  8. Place the check on a well-lit, dark-colored surface
  9. Center the check in the viewfinder’s green rectangle
  10. Tap the screen to capture the image
  11. Do not use your device’s camera button. Use the camera icon on the SnapCheck screen
  12. Tap Back “Capture Check Image” and repeat the steps you used to capture the front of the check
  13. Once a mobile deposit has been captured, the app will indicate whether your deposit has been accepted or held for review.*
  14. If the app indicates that your deposit has been accepted, you’re all done! After you complete a SnapCheck deposit, keep the check for reference for at least 30 days. Note the date of the deposit and that it was deposited via SnapCheck.
  15. If the app indicates that your deposit has been held for review, you will receive an email by the end of the business day** indicating that the deposit was successful or that further action is required. After you complete a SnapCheck deposit, keep the check for reference for at least 30 days. Note the date of the deposit and that it was deposited via SnapCheck.
  16. If you receive further instructions, follow them as appropriate to complete your deposit.

*The first few deposits made using the SnapCheck service are automatically held for review.

**Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (Pacific), except federal holidays

To reset your password, visit the New User or Forgot Password page. You can find a link to this page beneath the login button in the uOnline login box. Enter your account number and follow the steps to receive a temporary password via email. This temporary password is good for 24 hours. You will be prompted to change your password after you have logged in with your temporary password.

To ensure your payment is sent correctly, please provide Unitus with the most up-to-date information according to your most recent bill statement. When entering the payee’s information, keep in mind that each entry box is important.

  • Payee Name: Refers to the payee’s business name. For example, AT&T, PGE, Waste Management, etc.
  • Payee Nickname: Refers to what you choose to label this payee. This is especially helpful if there is more than one account held with a particular payee. You might label this payment “John’s Cell Phone” and another AT&T payment as “Marcia’s Cell Phone”, as the payments are going to the same payee, but the account numbers are different.
  • Name on Account: Allows the merchant to post your payment correctly. If you’re sending a payment to AT&T for John’s cell phone payment, the Name on Account would be John’s full name for easy reference, such as “John Doe”.

Getting started with Unitus mobile deposit is easy. SnapCheck is available via the Unitus mobile apps for iOS and Android. If you already have the uOnline mobile banking app, just sign in and tap the SnapCheck button to get started. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, navigate to the App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android, and download the app.

First, log into uOnline.Once you’ve logged in, hover over ‘Transfers & Bill Pay’ and select ‘Bill Pay’ from the drop-down.

SnapCheck has been very convenient for our members, and we want to help you make your mobile checks quickly and easily. Here are some quick tips and tricks to make sure your deposits are done in a snap!

  1. Endorsement
    Make sure you endorse the back of your SnapCheck checks. Digital deposits must be signed before acceptance.
  2. Deposit “Accepted” vs. “Held for Review”
    Watch for the message at the end of your SnapCheck session to see if your check was immediately accepted or held for review. SnapCheck uses sensitive image recognition software, and anytime it detects the slightest irregularity, it sends the image to be reviewed by a Unitus employee.
  3. Deposit Verification
    If your deposit is immediately accepted, your balance will update within minutes. If it is held for review, Unitus will verify the image and notify you by email within one business day whether the deposit has been accepted or whether the deposit should be resubmitted. If you wish to check your new balance via the Unitus mobile app, log out and log back into your account.
  4. Contact Email
    Notifications are sent to the prime email address for your account. Please make sure we have up-to-date contact info so we can communicate.
  5. File Your Checks
    When you’ve made a deposit via SnapCheck, file the check for 30 days for record-keeping purposes, and then you may shred it. To keep your records in order, we suggest writing the reference number on the item once you complete your SnapCheck session.

Remember, SnapCheck is a free service for members with eStatements, or $2.00/month for those without. Keep snapping those checks, and save yourself the time and hassle of making a special trip to the branch!


The SnapCheck service is free for members who are enrolled in eStatements. For members without eStatements, $2.00 will be deducted from either your designated checking or savings account each month. See our fee schedule for details. Access to this service is subject to credit union approval. SnapCheck End User License (.PDF)

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