Los miembros de Unitus sacan provecho de su asociación con Enterprise Rent-a-Car

Vendedora feliz en un concesionario sosteniendo las llaves de un coche.

As a full-service financial institution, we have the opportunity to help our members in many ways.

All of us know Unitus members have access to buy a home with a uniquely great rate, or build up their savings with an equally extraordinary rate, or stay on guard with the Tarjeta Unitus Guard app (iOS/Android) from the growing presence of credit card fraud.

Beyond these services is another important financial decision most members will make: the purchase of their car.

For some, they just need a car to get them from A to B. For others, their vehicle is a triumphant expression of self, a way to communicate their identity to the world.

For Unitus, it’s another way we can help our members save money and improve their finances.

“No Games, No Pushy Offers, No Runaround, Just a New Car.” -Jen (Unitus Member)

In August, Unitus began a partnership with Enterprise Car Sales to help people save twice over.

Now, not only can members save money with a low rate on their auto loan, they can save by getting a well-priced vehicle from a trusted source and even earn bonus dollars for their trade-in.

A number of “enterprising” Unitus members have already taken advantage of this partnership. One in particular, who requested to go by “Jen,” shared her thoughts on her experience buying her new 2017 Ford Escape:

The experience was excellent, easy, and painless!

I stopped into Unitus after work just to investigate loans and options. I was surprised when Julie F. at the Westmoreland branch told me I should look into purchasing from Enterprise.

I purchased my last two cars from dealerships. Both experiences were not very pleasant for differing reasons. I was skeptical and to some extent dreading purchasing a new car.

I am a homeowner and have purchased two homes and both of those experiences were very positive.

I explained to Julie how frustrating it was to easily purchase a home but not be able to walk into a car dealership and easily purchase a car.

She stated an Enterprise rep had just visited the credit union and that I would be impressed with how they operated and what they offered. She was right.

I was approved for a loan and stopped by Enterprise after work. I test drove a car I saw online and purchased it in about an hour. No games, no pushy offers, no runaround, just a new car.

If you’re looking to buy a used car, Enterprise has a couple great deals for Unitus members where they’re giving away hundreds or even up to $1,000 for your trade-in. Mark these dates on your calendar:

  • Trade in your car on Black Friday (11/23) and Enterprise will offer you Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value plus up to $1,000.
  • Trade in your car any other day between now and December 31st and Enterprise will offer you Kelley Blue Book Trade-In Value plus up to $500.

To get started, stop by any branch, call us at 503-227-5571, or start at our Unitus Partner Page on Enterprise’s website.

Publicado por: Jacob Schnee

Sobre el autor: Jacob se incorporó a Unitus como Especialista en Marketing en marzo de 2015 y pasó a ser Especialista en Comunicaciones de Marketing en marzo de 2017.

Su experiencia abarca la hostelería, el desarrollo empresarial, la consultoría y el marketing en diversos sectores de la costa este, la costa oeste y otros puntos intermedios.

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