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Life can throw us for a loop sometimes when it comes to our finances and our budget. Maybe you just blew your tax return on stuff you didn’t need, doh! Or there was a loss of a job in the family or even a large unexpected medical expense. Things like this happen and we need help sometimes managing and maintaining our finances. Luckily Unitus has a solution that can help with your budget no matter what the situation and keep your financial goals on track.

The average person ducks for cover even at the thought of budgeting. This is understandable because routinely budgeting means we have to sacrifice what we want for the need to save. But you don’t always have to give something up to budget. You just need to have a little discipline and be open to help.

Which brings me to an important question, have you heard of Total Finance? This robust personal financial management tool from Unitus is used by people just like you and I…those of us trying to get their finances in order.

This top notch budgeting tool offers so many functions that set it apart from your run of the mill solutions. For example, with a mobile platform you can budget on the go. Set alerts to your accounts which can detail how your budget is affected by your activity. Have accounts and expenses at other institutions? No problem. Total Finance allows you to upload other account info and incorporate them into your budget.

Total Finance is very easy and fun when you take advantage of the cash flow calendar. You can also track spending by categories, account for monthly expenses and their due dates, tag transactions, and even calculate net worth. Even better, beginning July 1, 2016 you can enter to win the Total Finance “Beat the Heat Contest”. You could win up to $500 when you add one bill or income source to the cash flow calendar. Sounds like now is as good a time as any to start using Total Finance.

To learn more about Total Finance pulse aquí.

Here is what Unitus members are saying about Total Finance:

“Love the Total Finance feature and the mobile application, especially Snap-check. Tracking my budget and depositing checks could not be easier!” Barbara A., Member Since 1991

“Excellent service, website is easy to navigate and has great features, such as Total Finance.” Hayley B., Member Since 2011

“The Total Finance service really grabbed me, I think it would be a great benefit to a lot of people.” Zachary C., Member Since 2012

If you are anything like I used to be, you might not be budgeting responsibly. Poor budgeting habits can lead to over spending, forgetting to pay your bills on time, and bad cash flow management. Total Finance can help and provide peace of mind that your goals are being met, all while saving you time and money. Simply put, I encourage you to try Total Finance. You’ll be glad you did!

*Total Finance is free for the first 30-days. After the next consecutive 30 day period, $2.00 will be deducted from either your designated checking or savings account.

Posted by: Justus James-Gullette

About the author: Justus is a Member Advocate 1 at the Unitus Plaza branch where he assists members on a daily basis with account transactions. He is also close to completing a digital marketing internship within Unitus’ marketing department. While originally from Seattle, WA Justus spent a lot of his childhood in Philadelphia, PA. Justus graduated with a double major in Marketing and Advertising from Portland State University. While he loves sports and music, his real passion and desire for the future is to travel abroad.

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