Credit Union Career Opportunities and Portland Talent Shine Together at First-Ever Cooperative Credit Union Career Fair

Group of finance professionals

Portland, Ore., September 14, 2018 – Employing almost every foot of Unitus Plaza’s spacious courtyard, a group of Northwest credit unions banded together last Friday to offer fulfilling employment opportunities to professionals seeking careers in finance. More than 130 job seekers registered for the event, and a steady stream of walk-ins joined in throughout the proceedings.

Flush with upbeat music elevating the mood, replete with catered BBQ for those hungry for more than just a good job, the Plaza hummed as nine Credit Unions spoke with hopeful candidates about becoming part of the Credit Union Movement.

The nine participating Credit Unions represented a diverse cross-section of organizations small, large, and in-between, with presence across Oregon and Washington. Credit unions on site included Advantis Credit Union, Clackamas Federal Credit Union, First Tech Federal Credit Union, iQ Credit Union, Point West Credit Union, Rivermark Community Credit Union, SELCO Community, Credit Union, Trailhead Credit Union, and Unitus, the event hosts.

“It is a wonderful pleasure to work as part of a movement that comes together to find the best talent and identify the best place for that talent, even if it’s at another credit union” said Gayle Evans, Chief Human Resources Officer at Unitus. “You won’t find that in many industries, and it speaks to how closely we credit unions live by the philosophy of ‘People Helping People.’”

In addition to the credit unions, organizations adjacent to the Credit Union movement sent representatives to speak with job candidates. These included the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA), Young Credit Union Professionals (YCUP), and the BankWork$ job placement and training program.

The theme of the fair, “Take This Job and LOVE IT!” evoked the difference many employees experience working within the credit union movement as opposed to traditional banking. Big banks have long been under siege for predatory consumer practices, while credit unions have successfully illustrated over decades the benefits of cooperation and transparency in banking.

“Where banks seek to produce profits for outside shareholders, we in the credit union movement are careful to avoid selling to people,” said Steve Stapp, Unitus President and CEO. “Instead, our focus is developing trusted relationships and helping each particular member advance on their path toward financial health and independence.”

The idea for the event was originated by Steve Stapp, Unitus President & CEO, and was carried out largely thanks to the efforts of Gayle Evans, Unitus CHRO, and Jenny Sherman, Unitus Human Resources Manager. Though it was the first, it may not be the last.

“Being the first time we’ve hosted an event like this, we were hopeful but didn’t know what to expect,” said Mr. Stapp. “Given the success we saw on Friday, there’s a chance this becomes a credit union tradition. Where banks have laid off tens of thousands of employees over the last 12 months, credit unions of all kinds have continually increased employment opportunities based on their deep-rooted principles of generosity, empathy, and philanthropy.”


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