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Unitus website redesign

We have been working to redesign our website. In early 2017, we will launch our upgraded website featuring simpler navigation, mobile responsive design, and new member-service features within a clean aesthetic which will display beautifully across desktop, tablets, and smartphone.

We’re excited for this upgrade because we know that it means an even better experience for our community. Here’s a quick rundown highlighting some of the new features.

Logical Structural Layout

We have replaced the current site structure with a mobile responsive platform that will require less digging to find what you are looking for. We’ve regrouped pages by function, making it easier for you to gather information likely to be relevant to you. The new trimmed-down design will highlight our resources so you can find them more easily.

Faster Navigation

We want to make it easier to find the pages you are looking for. Pages will require fewer clicks to reach. Important pages will be more readily visible and accessible. While this may seem small on the surface, this smoother navigation path will save you time every time you visit the site. We improved the system so you could spend less time clicking and more time learning new ways to improve your financial well-being.


If you ever use the GPS navigation function on your phone, you’ll have an idea how Pathfinder works. It’s a guide to a world of finances when it can often seem like there is no straightforward path.

Consider this: When you are trying to develop a budget, where do you begin? When you need to search for a new home, what questions should you ask and what do you need to know? If you want to achieve an excellent credit score, what specific actions can you take to get there? Pathfinder will help you make sense of it.

Enhanced Member Support

Frequently Asked Questions sections on the web are usually helpful, but can sometimes feel cold and challenging to navigate due to their bare-bones, list-based layout. To add some intelligence to the experience, this page will automatically raise the most popular questions to the top so you can find them more easily. This is a constant process, so the page will continue to shape itself around your needs.

This section will also feature easy access to phone support in addition to our most frequently requested online resources to help you solve whatever key challenges you are facing.

Improved ATM Finder

We have updated the look and feel of our ATM locator so you can easily pick an ATM to stop by on the way to work, before you hit the gym, while you are picking up groceries or anywhere else. When browsing the site on mobile, with Locations services enabled you will be able to discover the nearest ATMs around you instantly.

Posted by: Ryan Jones

About the author: Ryan has been in the credit union industry for 12 years and has been with Unitus Community Credit Union since 2007. He started his credit union career in California before finding his way to Oregon. In his day job Ryan oversees and manages digital strategy for Unitus including; website, social media, email, digital advertising, and more. However when the work whistle blows he is all about his family. Ryan and his wife moved to Oregon in 2006 from northern California and have two children.

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